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A weapons and gameplay modification for Doom 1 and 2, Combined_Arms offers more outlandish and unorthodox weaponry without going completely overkill.

The current version has the following on offer:

  • 4 separate weapon sets, each with their own unique arsenal and gameplay quirks!
  • 5 super weapons that can be found and used by any weapon set!
  • An optional extra monster addon that can be paired with the main mod, and should work with most other weapon/gameplay mods for doom!
  • Tiny skeletons you can throw at the bad guys
  • Some odd easter eggs
  • An excitable lobster pile bunker punch gun
  • The best Zelda themed weapons in a Doom mod to date (believe me, I've checked)
  • More weapon sets and super weapons to come!

This mod works with Zandronum and SHOULD be compatible with the latest version of GZdoom, I've tested on GZDoom 3.2.4 and Zandronum 3.0 with no troubles.

Below you'll find Combined_Arms, this is the weapon set that can be paired with other monster mods if you so desire!

Malefactors is the custom monster set I've made with Combined_Arms in mind, however you can pair these monsters with most other weapon mods too!

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Combined_Arms_V2.3.pk3 27 MB
Malefactors_V1.2.pk3 6 MB

Install instructions

You'll need the Doom2 wad and a sourceport of your choosing, I suggest Zandronum 3.0 or GZDoom.

Development log


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You've got my Seal of Doomproval!

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This is my new Vanilla, not only for the weapons but the mods overall vibe. The mix of high quality audio and animation, solid mechanics, touches of 8-bit aesthetics, and visual gags like the clip of clips has been entertaining me for months.

 If  I had to give any gripes I'd say the Icarus Launcher feels like it 1-ups the .100% Pistol outside of boss encounters. Other than that it's darn near perfect, great work and good luck with GMOTA 2.0 


Awesome weapons mod but i have some problem with the malefactors archville. In this mod they also gain the ability to spawn monsters like pain elemental. Its fine for an extra challenge but pain elementals dont start spawning monsters unless alerted. Thats also fine but problem here is in some maps archvilles tend to get already alerted without LOS.(behind a closed door that needs a key for example.) So i spend lets say 10 minutes going thru level before opening the said door while archville just raising a army. And even if i was a good player that can kill the said army or my computer didnt just explode upon seeing thousands of flying cubes. I simply dont have ammo to deal with that because the level didnt balanced for that kind of monster amount in that location. Other than that fantastic weapons mod. Only rival to the ultrakill in terms of original weapon design IMO. 


Yeah, I've been getting a lot of reports about the Miscreant cubes getting a little ridiculous. I'll probably remove the Vile's ability to spawn those guys unless they're actively trying to kill something.

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Pardon my very late addition to the conversation, but whenever you get around to updating Archie would you consider restoring his vanilla wake-up noise? IMO the custom cry is too quiet/subtle and, more importantly, isn't nearly as funny.

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While I don't think I'll just bring back the standard vanilla Archvile see sound, I do agree I need to make it more audible and distinct. I'll sort that out in the future as well.

Oh and I plan on making the Icarus Launcher more costly to use as well, that's actually been on the todo list for awhile now!

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Combined Arms and Malefactors are frantic fun! I’ve been playing them with the Equinox megawad lately and it’s a match made in heaven. Awesome stuff.


I've unironically been loving the heck out of this, and I cannot wait for the legendary 3.0 update! Keep up the good work!!

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Technically you could combine FreeDoom Phase 2, Zandronum and both PK3s with a map of your choice or even your making, but unsure if it’d be legal

Of course, mods don’t rely on official DOOM assets to function, only on its source code which is public domain, so using FreeDOOM to play these mods for free is perfectly legal.

However, having just tried that myself, I realized some custom sprites just don’t mix well with FreeDOOM. The artificer’s pistol’s secondary attack, which cuts enemies in half, relies on custom sprites that were created specifically for the monsters from DOOM and DOOM II (as well as the custom monsters from Malefactors), meaning that the monsters from FreeDOOM will suddenly turn into those from the official DOOM.

I don't much care for the Artificer Sharp Shooter, The alt-fire feels too situational in my opinion.

is there anyway to download the older versions? i really miss the particle smasher

It's still in, it just has a new primary fire and is buffed overall.

it is? oh damn I'm just blind then. but still is there a way to download older ones?

Just search it on google. There should be some old ZDOOM posts

Tech-Monk is a blast and I'm sure I'll enjoy Past-Linked too once I finish NOVA 2, looking forward to what Livewire and King's Court will bring to the table in the future.


Firstly, thank you for the wonderful mod! Seriously this has to be one of the most well put together mods and most fun ones I've had in a while. And the fact that it works with Zandronum is just shocking! Past Linked has been a class I've been looking forward to and I'm glad it's finally out!

Though, with Past Linked there is one inconvenience I've come across with my usual GZDoom setup. Unfortunately I'm unsure if it really has a solution but I figured I'd express it anyway! I already spoke to the mod's author about this but with Target Spy Past Linked causes a minor annoyance.

Specifically with his sword and shield weapon out, if you're looking at an enemy, the healthbar won't show up with the shield out. Reason being due to the fact that the shield has its own health and the mod shows it, or acts as it exists even when it's hidden, which will cover other healthbars since it's so close to the player.

I don't exactly expect there's much to do to fix this, and it isn't the biggest bug, just figured I'd let you be aware of its existence.

Here's a link to Target Spy if you need by the way! Keep up the great work! 


I'm glad you're enjoying the mod so much, getting it to work with Zandronum has been no small feat either, though I'd say it's been worth it. As for the issue with the shield actors preventing you from using target spy, I'm aware of it, though I'm uncertain if there's anything I can do on my side to prevent it. As much as I've done to keep the mod compatible with other mods, there's only so much that can be done.

I completely understand! I've reached out to m8f about it to and they said the solution would be a bit more work than it's worth, unfortunately. Just figured I'd let you know. 

Keep up the work man! It's great!

Do Malefactors work without Combined Arms?

It does! Though you might want to bring more than vanilla weapons against those monsters, they're a little more aggressive that vanilla monsters.

Ayyy, nice mod! Though I seem to stumbled onto a pretty big bug, and it's that I can't seem to break open any crates with the Tech Monk. If it helps you figure out what's going on, I'm playing with Combined_Arms 2.0, Malefactors, and Sunlust.

Never mind, whoops! I think it was because I only had one weapon active, whoops.

Thank you so much for all your work on this awesome mod!
I'm not sure if this is the place to report bugs, or if this is actually a bug, but the Blastmaster's Super Venter doesn't stay in the inventory between levels the way the berserk gauntlets do, which is very sad.  Also a much less important bug, the blastmaster plasma gun says it's a ranger grenade launcher when picked up, rather than a fission sweeper.  

The berserk tier item varies from class to class, the Super Venter is a power up that lasts for the duration of the stage, so that one's intentional. The plasma gun being called the grenade launcher is a definite screw up on my part and it's something I've actually fixed for this big update I'm working on.

I should probably add a bit of text somewhere to tell the player if their current class has a permanent or temporary berserk upgrade.

Ah, thank you.  It makes a bit more sense knowing the berserk gauntlets aren't as permanent as I had thought, discovering the rocket punch.  Also, the non-berserk rocket punch is hilarious, great touch.  

Ah you found that, very nice. Keep your eyes peeled because I'm going to make sure all of the sets have a cheeky secret. The crate weapons are in the process of being overhauled too, they won't need reloading anymore, but that button you pressed will be used to trigger the old reload animations and stuff for fun.

i really like this mod, and the two characters are so goddamn cool :) 


You'll be getting two more soon.

heck yes :D


this mod is awesome. pure gold. I mean, all the weapons were cool, but then i started opening crates, and i laughed my ass off when i found the pocket revenants.

Yep, i laughed my but off too. That scream when you swing the revenant across the screen is just, pure comedy.


Hello, I just want to say thanks to the author of this mod.

The animation and sound effect of the weapons are so freaking awesome!

I love the hud design. The hud also matches this sci-fi hi-tech space theme well.

Really looking forwards to future development of this mod.