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A weapons and gameplay modification for Doom 1 and 2, Combined_Arms offers more outlandish and unorthodox weaponry without going completely overkill.

The current version has the following on offer:

  • 2 separate weaponsets, each with their own unique arsenal and gameplay quirks!
  • 6 super weapons that can be found and used by either weaponset!
  • An optional extra monster addon that can be paired with the main mod, and should work with most other weapon/gameplay mods for doom!
  • Tiny skeletons you can throw at the bad guys
  • Some odd easter eggs
  • An excitable lobster pile bunker punch gun
  • Drinkable cement to refuel your ancient tome of brick magic
  • More weapon sets and super weapons to come!

This mod works with Zandronum and SHOULD be compatible with the latest version of GZdoom, I've tested on GZDoom 3.2.4 and Zandronum 3.0 with no troubles.

Below you'll find Combined_Arms, this is the weaponset that can be paired with other monster mods if you so desire!

Combined_Harms is the custom monster set I've made with Combined_Arms in mind, however you can pair these monsters with most other weapon mods too!

CategoryGame mod
Tagsdoom, mod

Install instructions

You'll need the Doom2 wad and a sourceport of your choosing, I suggest Zandronum 3.0 or GZDoom.


Combined_Arms_V1.4.pk3 21 MB
Combined_Harms V1.1.pk3 3 MB

Development log


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i really like this mod, and the two characters are so goddamn cool :) 


You'll be getting two more soon.

heck yes :D


this mod is awesome. pure gold. I mean, all the weapons were cool, but then i started opening crates, and i laughed my ass off when i found the pocket revenants.


Hello, I just want to say thanks to the author of this mod.

The animation and sound effect of the weapons are so freaking awesome!

I love the hud design. The hud also matches this sci-fi hi-tech space theme well.

Really looking forwards to future development of this mod.