Combined_Arms v1.1

!Combined_Arms now features two versions, one with custom monsters and one with just the weapons!
!Added the Blastmaster set, wield a multipurpose morphing rifle, mind the heat gauge!
!added an optional set of monsters!

+Default pistol now can be manually reloaded
+Default set now has a new SSG: The sharpshooter rivet gun
+particle smasher altfire beam now produces more pellets upon hitting a wall
+Tome of Plakamancy now shoots out cool glyphs when casting (These sprites have been here for awhile, I forgot to implement them, WHOOPS)
+New item pickup sprites provided by HyperUltra64
+Lilk's axe altfire now explodes when it ends
+Added two CVARS for pistol start and for the pistol to consume ammo
+added the Icarus Rocket Launcher crate weapon
+Added the box of Pocket Revenants crate weapon
+Added the .100% tactical pistol crate weapon

=Cygnis Rocket launcher is now a burst fire weapon, new altfire which is an extremely fast rocket that scatters bomblets on hit
=Particle Smasher now a Crate Weapon with a new primary fire

-Lilk's axe recharges slower now
-fist attacks for CollabGuy do slightly less damage
-Lilk's axe now does slightly less damage
-The boomerang axe altfire is no longer a boomerang, but instead has a limited homing effect before exploding
-Gnasher no longer super ammo effecient
-altfire for the whiplash shotgun now fires less pellets, consumes one extra shell
-Whiplash shotgun does slightly less damage
-Particle smasher no longer a SSG weapon
-Plakanomicon's brick wall slightly nerfed


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Aug 22, 2018
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Aug 22, 2018

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