Combined_Arms 2.2 and Malefactors v1.2 updates

Hi there, I've got another few minor updates for both Combined_Arms and Malefactors here. Just a few simple adjustments and bugfixes, have fun!



+Fixed the vanilla berserk heal CVAR not working properly on the other classes besides the default, whoops

+Fixed Crate weapons not being taken away when pistol start CVAR is enabeled

=Added more lore stuff for the weapons inside the files


=Fixed a sprite name conflict with Rampancy's robot shrapnel and Artificer's Cyclops Cannon


=Fixed a small issue with Blastmaster's Fission Sweeper not alerting monsters


+Fixed Tech Monk weapons not being taken away while the pistol start CVAR is enabled

+Moon beam combos now have a much bigger window, making it easier to chain attacks

+Striker Beam now charges faster

+Striker Beam lasts longer, about an extra 6 seconds or so

+Emergency attacks from the Striker Beam when out of energy now drain more meter, meaning you can return to the fight even faster if you're aggressive

=Swapped out the firing sound for the Pearl Laser, hopefully making it feel punchier

-Augmented Hand Beam shots are now weaker


+Fixed a really busted glitch where putting candles flames on a somaria block and then detonating it with the wave magic causes an near endless loop of magic flying everywhere. Cool, but too strong, sorry guys

+Arti dupes are now more aggressive, with a higher fire rate

-Arti dupe sword beams are a little weaker now



=Updated the Miscreant sprites to use separate spinny cube sprites, so if you play a WAD that replaces those cubes, there shouldn't be any problems


Combined_Arms_V2.2.pk3 27 MB
May 18, 2021
Malefactors_V1.2.pk3 6 MB
May 18, 2021

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