Combined_Arms v1.4 and Combined_Harms v1.1

Another simple update featuring some bugfixes and weapon tweaks, along with fixing an incorrect HP value for the Hell Knight monster.  I'm also attaching a roadmap for planned weaponsets in the coming updates!

+removed self damage from particle smasher primary fire
+buffed particle smasher reload speed
+buffed plakanomicon spells and reload speed
+"fixed" being able to cast bricks when out of ammo for the plakanomicon (You can now just cast 1 brick for free at 0)
+fixed Ranger grenade launcher being able to fire even when overheat
+made crate curse lines into more visible and readable arrows
+buffed reload rate for icarus launcher
+icarus missiles now have a larger and more damaging splash radius
+added a sprite for the computer map (Had the sprite for awhile now, forgot to add it)
+Fixed .100% tactical pistol's FULLER AUTO sound sticking if you picked up another crate weapon while firing it

=Added the proper version number to the title screen

Combined_Harms V1.1
+fixed a few missing sounds
+added BRIGHT to special cyberdemon rockets
+Hell Knight health was set 1000 like a Baron of Hell, fixed (WHOOPS)


Combined_Arms_V1.4.pk3 21 MB
Aug 27, 2018
Combined_Harms V1.1.pk3 3 MB
Aug 27, 2018

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