Combined_Arms 2.0 and Malefactors launched!

This is it, the big update I've been workin on since November of 2019. It's been a long time coming, but I'm glad it's finally here, I hope you all enjoy this hard work I've put forth.



+Arti now has a HUD face! Get a rough idea of how he's doing with just a glance at his mug!

+Arti now has unique player sounds! (Still has the classic HEH HEEENNNHHH for his taunt)

+Updated glow frames for the skull keys (thanks Skelegant)

+Tweaked the all map pickup sound to be less harsh at the end

+Arti properly has infinite air time now

+New customization screen: the pistol start CVAR is here now, along with a DAKKA style option (Reset your ammo, keep your weapons!)

+add a crate contents CVAR, now you can choose what exactly you get out of crates!

+Some weapons have fancy brightmaps

+There's now a visible meter timer for the rad boots

=Changed up the fullscreen HUD to be similar to the standard HUD, just with forcescaled


!CRATE WEAPONS NO LONGER HAVE INFINITE RELOADS. In fact, they don't even reload anymore! They now use a new resource: Crate Energy packs, which can be found near any cell based pickups. Infinite reloads and crate curse sucked anyway.

+Plakanomicon buffed, primary fire is now always a wall cast, secondary now opens a portal to the brick dimension

+Particle Smasher buffed, primary fire is now similar to a vanilla BFG, secondary fire is now a beam that detonates immediately, good for sniping Cyberdemons

+Pocket Revenants buffed, primary fire now always throws them, secondary deploys a rally flag to summon any active Skellies to the point, added more variants in the box (they all behave the same)

+Icarus Launcher buffed, primary fire shoots faster, rockets now home in and bounce off walls, secondary's rocket spread gun now bounces off walls too, improved firing sounds

+.100% Tactical Pistol buffed, primary's fuller auto is now hitscan, secondary is now hitscan

+Crates no longer give you duplicate weapons (I can't promise the next weapon you get after that won't be a weapon you just had though)

=Crates no longer can be shot open, you now open them by walking into them like any other weapon

-Daibatana removed


!OVERHAULED THE ENTIRE SET. Nearly everything has either been polished, improved or just flat out replaced

+Berserk upgrade is now a heavy hitting mace

+Lilk's Axe now has lifesteal when using power attacks

+Whiplash's primary fire is now hitscan

=Set has been renamed to Artificer

=Lilik's Axe no longer recharges passively, requires successful hits to recharge

=Lilk's Axe no longer has damage randomization

=Fists replaced with Blackjack baton, new mechanics introduced

=Genka Pistol replaced with Second Wind pistol, new mechanics introduced

=Pistol no longer has infinite ammo, but DOES have infinite ammo weak backup shots

=Gnasher nailgun replaced with Vulture SMG, new mechanics introduced

=Cygnis rocket launcher replaced with Cyclops cannon, new mechanics introduced

=Buster Rifle replaced with Buster Carbine, new mechanics introduced

-Berserk upgrade for fists is now slower, less durability is granted with the powerup

-Lilk's Axe no longer has homing altfire shot, that thing was busted OP

-Lilik's Axe is now slower

-Lilik's Axe deals 4x less damage when not powered up

-Lilk's Axe no longer has +FORCEPAIN (What the hell was I thinking with that?)

-Sharpshooter caltrops produce less shrapnel when detonated with the altfire


!MOST WEAPONS GOT A NEW PAINT JOB. Everything now has more vibrant colors, helps make each weapon look more distinct!

!ICE BEAM OVERHAULED. It's now a constant beam of freezing energy, drains fast, recharges fast

!VENT ATTACKS OVERHAULED. Old awkward system of one shot -> scatter shot -> exploding shot refined into flamethrower -> machine gun -> exploding shot

+Improved heat gauge feedback, meter now easier to read, includes pips and audio feedback to tell you how hot you're running

=Heat gauge now cools off passively differently. After a five second delay heat starts to decay, growing faster over time


+Added the Tech Monk set


+Added the Past Linked set


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Apr 28, 2021
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Apr 28, 2021

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