Combined_Arms 2.1 and Malefactors v1.1 hotfix updates

This is a small update fixing a few bugs, as well as adjusting a few other stats on some weapons and monsters for Malefactors. Hopefully I've addressed all of the issues that've been reported to date, have fun!


=All weapons now have +NOAUTOAIM, this is probably going to cause some keyboard aiming folks to be upset but I've added it to all weapons for consistency's sake.



+Whiplash primary fires slightly faster

+Whiplash secondary animations are faster

+Vulture SMG now properly folds its barrels away when hitting altfire before a full charge

+Cyclops cannon shells now explode for more damage

+Cyclops cannon now autofires faster

=Stripped out +clientsideonly flag on one effect of the caltrops of the Sharp Shooter, hopefully this fixes the caltrops not hitting things online



+Red grenade now deals more damage

+Weapon pickups are now vertically squashed and more transparent, should help in rooms with a bunch of shotgunners and chaingunners



=Pearl Laser super beam particles now disappear after a set time, in the off chance they get stuck

-Moon beam now deals less damage

-Wave ball finisher fires one less row of bubble projectiles

-Added a small cooldown on the secret thing of the Tech Monk



+Hero Sword slashes faster now

+Sword upgrades apply even while you're slashing now

+Renamed Hero Sword beams to fix an issue with the hit effects conflicting in Colorful Hell

+Renamed Crissword sprites to fix an issue of the sword being a pile of gibs when paired with some monster mods

+Renamed Crissword zaps to fix an issue with them being lighting bolts when paired with DRLA monsters

+Adjusted the Boomerang's stun ACS to hopefully circumvent a rare instance where you kill a monster and turn them into noclipping ghosts that hunt you down for eternity

+The Magical Boomerang now travels faster

+The Fire Boomerang travels faster too

+Candle flames burn longer now

+Candle flames are now lighter, travel further when cast

+Candle flames no longer have damage thrust, which means enemies won't get pushed out of a patch of fire

+Fire arrows have a shorter cooldown

+Scattered fireballs from Fire Arrow attacks do more damage

+Scattered fireballs from Fire Arrow attacks have a new hit sound

=The Fire Boomerang now has a big flame on it when flying out, which looks cool

=Adjusted how the Magic Fire Wave effects spawn, should be scattered out better now!

=Magical and Fire Boomerangs have fancy hit effects now



+you can properly do the joke reload on the Pocket Revenants

=The altfire of the .100% tactical pistol now forces gibbing

=Crate weapons can no longer be manually dropped

=Fixed an issue where sometimes when deselecting Pocket Revenants, you'd lower a Golden Revenant instead of a regular one



+Lingering Manc fire no longer triggers Past Linked's shield, which means players won't get shoved around

+Shotgunners now properly turn into statues when killed by Past Linked bombs

=Grenades that hitscanners fire now dropoff sooner if they fly far enough without detecting a target or hitting a wall

=Miscreants no longer leave blood decals


Combined_Arms_V2.1.pk3 27 MB
May 02, 2021
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May 02, 2021

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