Combined_Arms 2.3 bugfix update

Hey again, got another update here for you guys, mainly just some bugfixes and tweaks to have things play nice with Zandronum. With this out of the way I think I can start proper work on GMOTA's final update, so please look forward to that. I'll keep you all posted!



+Fixed a weird bug where playing on Zandronum would make your air control worse, this was due to a custom air control ACS script interfering with how Zandy does air control. This DOES mean air control is different between GZDoom and Zandronum, but that's how it'd be in "vanilla" between the two engines.

=Altered how certain weapons are undroppable, using +INVENTORY.UNTOSSABLE, this doesn't really effect you as the player but it cleans things up on my end for code and stuff.

=tweaked a few decals so they look better in Zandronum


+Made the projectile of the secret attack pass through players

+Sharpshooter rivets properly pass through players now

+Fixed a typo in the Scavenger laser pulse for the Vulture SMG, this was causing an error in jump states

+Fixed a severe oversight that let the hitscan attack of the Cyclops Cannon hurt teammates

=Renamed the class name to Artificer proper for Zandronum online

=Fixed an infinite loop warning for the rebounding rivets from the sharpshooter when playing on Zandronum online

=Hopefully fixed an issue of the Blackjack and Cobalt Mace not reacting when hitting monsters and walls when playing on Zandronum online

=Slightly changed the name of the projectile for the secret attack

=Slighty adjusted the timings on the hitsparks for the Whiplash so it doesn't play the hit and miss animations at the same time in Zandronum online

-Made the Zoom in/Out animation of the Cyclops cannon one tic longer, hopefully this helps with the weird flickering when using the zoom on Zandronum online.


+Fixed an oversight where the Ranger grenades wouldn't pass through players

+Made hot Defiance casings pass through players

+The flames that fly out from the secret attack's bomb no longer hurt players, fixing a team damage issue, the explosion can still hurt the player who launched the bomb though

=Fixed an oversight where some weapons could be fired while overheated during the equip animation

=Fixed an infinite loop warning with the Defiance Machine Gun's Casings


+Kame Bombs now have +MOVEWITHSECTOR when they're armed, so they should follow elevators

+Shortened the lock up time if you run out of ammo while shooting the Moon Beam

+Shortened the lock up time if you run out of ammo while shooting the Pearl Laser

=Fixed a small glitch with Kame bombs touching the sky when exploding, if this happened it'd fall to the ground unscathed and un-exploded.


=Fixed a bug where you could light Mini Artis on fire with the Leech Fire magic

=Fixed a bug where it'd print fire boomerang and peril beam pickup messages before you hit those tiers of upgrades when playing Zandronum online


=Fixed an infinite loop warning with the big casing ejected from the .100% tactical pistol

-Pocket Revenants now equip slightly slower, this is done as a compromise for Zandronum online to prevent other Revenant types to be a normal Revenant for a few frames as it raises up. This sucks.


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May 25, 2021

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> Fixed a bug where you could light Mini Artis on fire with the Leech Fire magic

I'm getting a lot of Army of Darkness vibes from this