GMOTA V1.2 update

This update is mainly just a large chunk of fixes and tweaks, listed below:

+slightly sped up the last hit of Blaz's sword combo
+fixed pickup messages printing for everyone in co-op (Whoops)
+Blaz can now pick up keys on high ledges like normal
+Cybermancer now has more HP, and less pain chance
+Cybermancer is more likely to use arm cannon at closer range
+Edgelord has more HP and less pain chance
+Bonelord has more HP and less pain chance
+Bonelord mortar shot now spawns mini skeletons after blowing up
+Mage gunners have more HP, slightly less pain chance, and their magic bullets travel faster and do more damage
+Buffed fatal draw attack, added a wave shot when swinging it
+fixed an issue with the 100 crack fist sound looping if Blaz dies while performing it
+buffed Heat Beam damage
+heat beam now fires slightly more to the center of the screen
+Macepellets and wrath rockets pass through friendlies properly
+fixed Sunder's saw loop sound playing after the Doomslayer shifts into rage mode
+buffed damage of Wrath Caster Missiles, both direct hit and splash damage
+slightly raised values of arcane gems for Doomslayer
+Edgelord arrow towers now have a limit to them so they don't go off into the sky forever and blow up the game
+Fixed Seven League boots not providing proper protection against hurt floors
+slight sped up the fire rate of the default Blazter primary attack
+Omen Warhammer's power attacks buffed, melee attack more effective and thrown attack now throws out smaller hammers rather than a bunch of rocks
+altered crush missiles to have one hit of self damage rather than multiple hits of self damage
+crush missiles now fire slightly closter to the center of the screen
+Made Blaz's sword attacks widescreen friendly!
+discarded food bones now have a different bounce sound
+added more oomph to Hydra Repeater firing sound
+added more oomph to Inferno Rifle
+buffed Wave buster's mid and max charge shots to compensate for overheat and ammo use
+buffed Wave buster's lowcharge shot fire rate
+buffed Torch subweapon, now drops small flames that burn monsters on hit, as well as throw out extra fireballs that also drop more flames on hit
+Bomberknights have slightly more HP, and now less prone to flinch
+made the radius of the warding shield bigger to make sure players can block those big sniper bullets fired by Black Viper Gunners
+Skuttles now have more HP, are more aggressive, and now move faster

=Doomslayer's player sprites slightly altered and updated by Turrent49, nice work
=Swapped the command for the sword throw to holding primary fire
=Fixed an issue with the inferno rifle and wrath caster's particles being able to teleport
=Made Bonelord's laughter and voiceline mono in hopes of stopping OpenAL from exploding
=softened Blaz's WHOOPS
=The Blazter's subshots now build up a heat gauge, at full the gun locks down, curbing spam
=Added a_bossdeath to certain special deaths for some monsters, woops
=Blaz can now pick up spirit gems when at max to convert into Blazter Bullets and cool the weapon off faster
=renamed a few actors so it should play nice with the Hellbarde megaWAD now

-Reduced the amount of extra bombs you get on picking up duplicates for Doomslayer
-Nerfed Sapphire Beam Bomb, bounces less and the beams do slightly less damage
-Nerfed damage of wrath caster spirits
-nerfed radius of rocket sword, increased cooldown time
-Nerfed Blaz's fists, now only the last two punches of the combo have the AOE flinch
-When under the defense buff, the super punches Blaz throw now do less damage
-nerfed thunderbuss damage
-nerfed ammo gain from sword and sunder kills as the Doomslayer
-nerfed duration of Heavy Macer
-Wave buster now requires a bullet gem to use
-wave buster now builds up the heat gauge
-nerfed 100 crack fist damage slightly
-Hyper buster duration reduced
-Cybermancer is now immune to being stunned by the Blazter and Hyper Buster


GMOTA_V1.2 30 MB
Apr 04, 2018


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