GMOTA v1.4 released!

Hi there, the following update focuses on bugfixes and some rebalancing, but adds a few new features for our heroes as well! Check the changelog below! Thanks again for your patience everyone, and have fun


+Fixed a missing frame for the Fatal Draw as it's being sheathed (Thanks for spotting that Skelegant!)
+Buffed the damage of the AOE waves that fly out during a fatal draw attack
+Altered the starting phase of the Fatal Draw to help communicate the attack doesn't need to be charged, new sprites provided by Skelegant
+Altered how the 100 crack fist is armed slightly, with new effects by Skelegant
+Subshot ammo now resets to default pick up value after a stage transition, rather than resetting to 0
+Tweaked the Blazter's stun crystals for more feedback to show they're about to break

=Blaz now has a backswing for his powered sword strikes, purely visual but hey, more variety
=Blaz now has a unique taunt sound for Zandronum
=Added a dryfire sound for the Blazter
=Made the error sound for the altfire not as spammable

+Fixed Doomslayer sometimes bugging out when picking up/dropping barrels
+Altered how the temporary period of invulnerability works when Doomslayer triggers his berserk to make sure it doesn't break the invuln helmet's effect
+boosted Mourning Star fire rate
+Sunder can now be triggered with the altfire of the Mourning Star, Thunderbuss, and Hydra Repeater
+Bombs and Daggers now have audio and visual feedback to help tell the player they're recharged

=tightened up Rend's left swing a little to keep it consistent with the right swing
=Trimmed down Doomslayer's Berserk Rune pick up hint

-Reduced the amount of ammo orbs dropped from landing a successful strike with Sunder (Enemies still drop the same amount if KILLED by the weapon though)

+Flurry strikes now deal more damage
+Flurry strikes now force pain like normal staff strikes
+Fixed a bug where Kustam's marker shot didn't properly show the reticle effect on monsters when marked when playing online in Zandronum
+Fixed a bug where Kustam would keep a fully charged double kick with the staff equipped
+Added a map inventory icon for the Sentinel Arms (Seriously how did I forget this?)
+Fixed the X-Missiles spread bombs dealing self damage
+Fixed being able to charge the staff right as you max out the heat meter
+Hopefully fixed Kustam's player sprites flickering while using the Sentinel Arms
+You can now cancel the clip load animation with an attack
+Kustam's Hand Cannon now has a visible and audible dryfire if you try to shoot while unloaded
+Red bullet gems are now worth double (2 ammo now)
+Small sub refresh gems are now worth triple (6 ammo)
+Big sub refresh gems are now worth double (20 ammo)
+Medi-Tool's heal cools Kustam off even more
+Support potions now have letters next to the bottles to help identify them easier
+Buffed damage of haste potion staff strikes

=Kustam now has a unique taunt sound for Zandronum
=Medi-Tool rebalanced, now requires to be charged longer for a more effective heal, is less effective at charge level 1
=Reduced how much you slide forward when attacking with the staff under the effects of the power potion
=Kustam's kicked barrels now have a trail effect as they fly through the air

-Flurry strikes now build more heat
-Staff spin now builds heat faster
-Staff Spin's push forces no longer deal damage
-Manual flame venters now drain heat faster, meaning less time to torch enemies with the flames

+Fixed a bug where Bonelord/kaiser's skeleton cannon hands didn't show up when playing online in Zandronum
+Fixed a bug where edgelord orbiting swords didn't vanish properly when Edgelords were killed when playing online in Zandronum
+Fixed a bug where Bonenados orbiting bones didn't vanish properly when Bonenados were killed when playing online in Zandronum
+HOPEFULLY Fixed a bug where plunder spiders could get stunned with the hyper buster as they spawn, becoming invincible afterwards (Thanks Darkrune!)
+Fixed the Wyverns not properly losing their kick stun status after being hurt
+Fixed the bonelord's mortar explosion not appearing when playing online in Zandronum
+Fixed stygian wraths not properly losing their dizzy stars when they're hurt in their rage mode
+Bakanites now have to "reload" after shooting out 4 skuttles, leaving them wide open to attack

=Stygian Wraths now have half HP, to help compensate for their second wind
=Limited the range of Dark Kustam's aiming laser for the sake of weaker hardware
=Added some sounds for the aiming laser and Dark Kustam's hitscan shot
=Altered the color palette of the failed Kustam Mimics, now has a more drab, washed out look
=Altered sound behavior for bone gibs, now sounds properly play when only hitting stuff, also reduced amount that can be played
=Made bones dropped by failed mimics sometimes not make any sound to be less noisy when a bunch of them spawn
=Made Dark Blaz unshootable the moment he dies, so you can't hit him for extra mana/HP just before he falls over
+Fixed a bug with dazed stars not appearing when playing online in Zandronum
+Updated page 3 of Kustam's help screen to hopefully explain how the new Medi-tool works
+Swapped out the effect of the Knight Vision visor to just be fullbright rather than the eye-searing green
+Subweapon pickups can no longer be teleported

=lowered the volume of the super burger's announcer
=Altered decals so they're not solid black squares in software mode, still kinda ugly though, sorry


GMOTA_V1.4.pk3 49 MB
Dec 04, 2019



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Larger ammo pickups for Kustam? I played through the wad Diabolus Ex (which is usually pretty hard,) with him and I was drowning in ammo, I don't think I ever switched back to the staff one I first switched to the gun actually.

It varies from mapset to mapset, I've played through maps that provide mainly bullet tier ammo and I found Kustam was ammo starved really hard. Such is the nature of making all ammo types pile into one, as well as me trying to make sure this gameplay mod works with as many mapsets as possible