V1.3 update!


!Added the stalwart champion of the Lotharian arena: Kustam

+Wrathcaster spirits no longer bump into friendlies, ending their flight early
+Sunder can now be switched away from manually after landing a saw punch, so you can saw a dude and switch to any weapon
+Rend now does more damage per swing
+Doomslayer's quick punch when attempting to use subweapons on cooldown has been buffed, greater knockback, forced flinch, and a little more damage
+Buffed the Sapphire Beretta's damage
+Buffed Sapphire Bertta's fire rate, can now be tapped to shoot quicker
+Drain dagger now heals an extra 10 HP for a total of 20 HP per knife
+Wrathcaster rockets now deal more damage on impact
+Sunder now deals more damage
+slightly sped up fire rate of mourning star
+Hydra repeater is now faster, and the initial burst is a very fast salvo
+Sevenfold knife now heals 1 more HP per knife
+Mourning Star now fires faster the longer you hold the attack button
+bullet gems are slightly more valuable

=Doomslayer now has a fullscreen visor HUD
=Sunder's attack sound now properly stops if you die while using it
=Berserk fists should be properly taken away if you die while berserking
=hopefully fixed Doomslayer's player sprite not changing weapons properly during online play
=changed one of the firing sounds for the hydra repeater, hopefuly things sound a little better now
=Fixed Sunder not being recovered after going Berserk, SOMEHOW I WAS NOT AWARE OF THIS FOR A WHOLE YEAR MAN. -WHY- -WHY- -WWWWHHHYYYYYYYY-

-The Sapphire Beretta now uses ammo.
-Rend swings slightly slower, feels weightier though!
-Altfire Rend swing with the mourning star, thunderbuss, and hydra repeater is slightly slower now
-Inferno Rifle does less damage
-Wrath Caster spirits do less damage
-certain enemies drop slightly less ammo when killed by Rend
-backpacks give less ammo
-can no longer animation cancel after punching when wielding thunderbuss/mourning star
-Due to a Zandronum issue, Doomslayer's player sprites no longer switch real time as he changes weapons, a minor bummer, sorry

+Blaz's 100 crack fists now travel through friendlies properly
+Rolling bomb now travels through friendlies
+Blaz's sword combo damage has been altered, stays stronger through the entire thing now, killing weaker enemies effortlessly
+Blaz's Wave Buster no longer uses bullet gems again, mainly done for the sake of having another ranged weapon when direly needed in certain maps, still causes overheat though.
+Boomerang subweapon now inflicts a dazed stunned effect
+scattershot subshot does increased damage
+Omen's melee while the sword is powered up now causes an explosion on hit, meaning the attack does more damage along with a nasty splash effect

=Blaz now has a fullscreen visor HUD
=Blaz's lariat now uses an explosion for damage, which means killed enemies will fly away properly rather than up
=Updated the punch sounds when hitting walls and floors
=Blaz now has some new footsteps, taken from Fist of the North star, I kinda cheated here but they sound cool shut up

-Blaz's lariat can't pierce through walls now
-nerfed the range of Blaz's Lariat
-Blaz's subweapon restock takes longer
-Blaz's subweapon pouch upgrade gives less extra subweapon ammo
-Blaz's hatchet throw rate reduced
-Omen now does less splash damage, radius reduced
-Judgement now does less damage, produces less hammers
-Boomerang does less damage, has less ammo
-Blaz's subweapon ammo now resets to the default ammo the subweapon gives on restock
-Blaz's sword mana resets to 2 on each new map (Though this means if you're at 0, you're getting two free charges!)
-Blazter ammo resets to 15 with each new map (same thing applies here, if you're at 0, you just got some free ammo)
-Blaz gets less sword mana from arcane gems and weapon pickups
-Sword charger gives less mana back on powered sword hits
-Ring of might diagonal power sword waves no longer give spirit on hit, (center one still does though)

!Added Knightmare mode variants for all monsters, expect palette swaps and dangerous foes!
!Added hero shades, Knightmare mode exclusive lethal dopplegangers of the current cast of playable heroes, expect a tough fight when you encounter them
!Added failed mimics of Doomslayer and Kustam, these guys have a chance of replacing wolfenstein SS foes, just like the failed Blaz mimic (You'll see them more often in Knightmare mode)

+Bonelord grapples are no longer reflectable to prevent bonelords grappling themselves and causing endless error message and sound implosion
+Bonelord corpses now have more HP, self revive faster
+Cybermancer has more HP
+Hellfos now has slightly more HP and less pain chance
+Hellfos now have their old jumping evasive manuevers again when flinched enough
+Mage Gunners have slightly more HP

=Bomber Knights now have a gib death
=Wyverns now have a gib death
=Hellfos now have a gib death
=Ice debuff from monsters is no longer additive, but now lasts 5 seconds instead of 3
=Altered one of the death rattles for the archers

!All heroes can pick up and throw barrels, each hero tosses them in unique ways!
!Added Knightmare mode!

=Sword attacks now leave decals
=toned down the flame effect of the weapon upgrade stands, shouldn't be as visually busy if a lot of them stack up now
=A new, moodier title theme, from the Super Famicom version of Brandish
=GMOTA now has a custom mouse cursor

-Yashichi no longer gives ammo for Blaz when he picks it up


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Nov 15, 2019


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