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A simple NES-themed weapons mod, Combined_Arms Gaiden gives you two playable heroes with their own unique arsenal to flatten demons with. With a slick NES presentation and custom drawn weapon sprites (Except for one, the Solar Pistol is just the quake 2 blaster)

This mod works in Zandronum 3.0 and most versions of GZDoom, so feel free to either dive in solo or grab a few friends for some co-op!

CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
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TagsArcade, Co-op, First-Person
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Combined_Arms Gaiden_V2.1.pk3 4 MB

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will the 2.1 changes come to byoc?

Eventually, if memory serves right I threw those changes over to the boys.

If not then I'll need to get on that.

Is vertical aim supposed to be disabled? Playing this with vanilla doom 2 and none of my shots are hitting enemies unless they're on the same vertical level as I am.

Yeah, autoaim breaks a lot of my custom weapons so I disable it entirely, you'll need full mouselook enabled.

Catching up on downloading this, yeppers. :3

Any chance of Heretic compability? The Solar Pistol's secondary ability would be a perfect replacement for the Wings of Wrath item!

I'm afraid not, I usually don't do much with Heretic or Hexen compatibility, as there's a slew of extra items and tools between those two games. It doesn't help I'm not very familiar with either of those games so trying to balance stuff against those would get really sloppy.

That is too bad. Combined Arms Gaiden and GMOTA would have been great in Heretic! :S

Anyway, I did notice some inconsistent weapon behaviour: firing the Solar Pistol or slashing Hayabusa's Katana do not alert enemies, but the Bionic Rifle's Grappling Hook does. Is that intended?

In any case, keep up the good work!

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can you make the "gaiden version" for combined harms?

Either that or NES-ified sprites of Doom monsters! :D

i made a gameplay video for this mod:

Nice mod, I like the mugshot sprites :)


amazing, great work as usual!


nice nice :3


was able to kill a archville with the sword 10/10