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ayo wtf installed the "hide doomguy hands" addon onto my hdest????

Awesome weapons, i made a gameplay video with the addon:

I may not be any good at HD but at least I can admire the fancy looking guns, fantastic work as always Kegan

All that work and no video?

He recently did some livestreams on twitch with them if you wanna see it in action


I'm sure but if you want to market your game well, you should include a gif or link to said live steam on your sales page. People often make a decision within 3-6s on a page. Without a animated demonstration, your chances go down signifigantly.


It's not a game, it's just a weapon reskin pack for another Doom mod. What you see there is pretty much what the addon adds: Just visual reskins. I don't see a need to add video for this project.

Now for the other projects I've added, I've included trailers with video, but it's not necessary here.

So I'd need a custom skin if I wanted to use this with vanilla HD?

Nah, you can just load it up like you would any other HDest addon. I just mention that up there on the main page because that's what I made it for originally, but it works with stock player skins too.